When it comes to your network system, LayerOne can design and build a turn-key solution from the ground up. Our registered communications distribution designers and network infrastructure experts use best industry practices to help construct efficient and state-of-the-art networks and security systems. LayerOne’s designers will work directly with your IT team, so you can complete your network system design with one company and one contract and cut down on the administrative oversight necessary. Save time and money on your building’s network by working with LayerOne.

LayerOne’s design process involves blending the client’s network needs with the best technology available. When our RCDDs sit down with you to discuss the project, we’ll analyze your bandwidth needs, local requirements, security systems, and building standards and code. Afterwards, we’ll use CAD to create a construction model, which can then be tweaked to improve the integration between every facet of the project.

By working together early in and throughout the design and build process, LayerOne guarantees a low overhead and high-speed network. We save you money by removing the redundant and marked-up costs of working with multiple companies. Working with LayerOne means working on your network system with a single, experienced company, from start to finish.