When you’re responsible for a large construction project, planning ahead is paramount. You need to have a clear understanding of the project, from start to finish, to efficiently manage the construction. LayerOne employs experienced construction and system surveyors who will come to your construction site to help plan your network’s infrastructure. We’ll discuss your project’s scope and needs to design a unique system which fits your plan from top to bottom.

Our field survey team makes sure you have an accurate picture of your network system before you start construction. We’ll examine your project’s telecommunication system, budget, wireless network, bandwidth needs, local regulations, and any security concerns you have. Then our team will survey the site and help model the networking system in CAD programs. When we’ve completed our field survey, we’re ready to help design and construct the IT infrastructure you need.

Don’t wait till construction is almost complete before you consider your network infrastructure plan. If you work with LayerOne, you’ll have an optimized IT system designed to be built directly into the building. Company’s bandwidth and wireless needs are increasing every year. With field surveying from LayerOne, you’ll have the start of a network system strong enough to function for years to come.