During the design and build of your project, it’s important to keep an archive of all changes made to the project during construction. As-Built Documents can be an important end piece of the project to be presented to contractors to ensure they know the final dimensions and changes that were made. These types of documents can also be important to present to facility management at the end of construction, so they know all that was done during the build. In case any repair work needs to be done later down the road, they can present these documents.

LayerOne can help you create As-Built Documents specific to your needs. While it can be a challenge to get each change documented, it’s important for you, your architect, or your contractor to repeat the reason for how important documenting any changes is. As-Built Documents are a significant aid for any renovations or additions made in the future and can assist in saving time and money.

While having As-Built Documents isn’t always a must on projects, it reflects well on your company’s dedication to professionalism. LayerOne can help you create a legacy for you and all those that come after. With As-Built Documents, you can provide others with details about your build and save time and money on future projects. Let LayerOne help you start your legacy.